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Learn how to make neon signs

I offer one-on-one training to insure an optimal learning environment. Each student will have their own fully equipped workstation and the supplies necessary to complete their project.


No prior experience with glass is necessary. Your ideas and sentiments will speak a brand new bright language, which was unknown, unimaginable and never experienced pre-neon!


This package of workshops has been developed and scheduled to best serve the diverse interests of many explorers. To accommodate the spontaneities of life and one's personal calendar, a class may be arranged to suit your needs.  Students must be at least 18 years of age. 


Available classes:


One Day Program:

Experience the basic flavor of neon crafting on a one day (7 hour) walk-about whereby the new student can experience the basics of neon sign construction and glass blowing.

Cost:  $500.00


Three Day Program:

Intense immersion taught one-on-one where the student is shown basic neon bending techniques and sign construction. Class topics include equipment and supply needs as well as neon shop construction.

Cost:  $1500.00


Six Week Program:

Spend six weeks in an intense immersion, taught one-on-one.  Learn glass bending, construction, assembly, bombarding, pattern layout, shop construction, diagnostics, servicing, business practices, pricing, and equipment needs.

Includes basic bench tools, practice glass, and text book.

Includes after-care.

Cost:  $7500.00